about corazonWelcome to Corazon, a restaurant that is as elegant as its name promises.

Corazon Restaurant
With its iconic vaulted ceiling, a typical lunch or dinner here will uplift your senses. It is a place where stunning interiors will captivate you as much as its cuisine. Bold red walls, lovely chandeliers, candelabras, and beguiling paintings—a cathedral comes into mind.

But its food is certainly closer to the heart. Corazon celebrates timeless Filipino-Hispano cuisine that is well loved by generations, but made even more sumptuous by Chef Florabel’s touch. Whether it’s Callos, Paella, or the Lechon Kawali-topped Laing, the dishes are bound to satisfy your palate and soul. Reminiscent of your grandmother’s grand feasts for the whole family, the dishes are made with lots of flavor and love.

With Chef Florabel Co-Yatco at the helm, each plate will surely capture your taste and warm your heart.